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Turnaround Advisory Services

For under-performing companies, survival demands a clear path to results and the leadership to ensure the path is taken.

As a business owner, you face an increasing array of challenges, from rapid technological changes to heightened competition and global economic uncertainty. Many companies struggle to keep up with the changing business environment, particularly if they are over-leveraged and burdened with debt service.

We offer assistance to companies in difficult situations. Working directly with company management, we work to understand the situation first and then to make recommendations that address the issues.

We strive to implement turnaround strategies that avoid Bankruptcy Court proceedings. Due to the enormous costs, both in terms of the company’s loss of reputation and the expenses associated with the Bankruptcy process, we will leave no stone unturned in finding alternatives to a Bankruptcy filing.

During restructuring situations, we will assist you in negotiations with lenders, debt holders and other stakeholders in a way that builds consensus and facilitates progress. We navigate the challenging capital markets as we work with you to improve your business both operationally and financially. And we devise and implement new, solid capital structures designed to support the goals of the turnaround and beyond.

Turnaround Consulting Services Overview

  • ESOP specific considerations (liquidity related repurchase obligation concerns, annual valuation impact  resulting from performance issues, and seller note restructuring)

  • Raising capital (rescue/bridge financing, DIP, mezzanine debt)

  • Evaluation of strategic alternatives

  • Capital structure assessment

  • Out of Court restructurings

  • Restructuring consulting & management

  • Identification and disposition of non-core assets

  • Managing creditor communications and negotiations

  • Pre-bankruptcy planning

  • Receivership Services

  • Wind-Down & liquidation services

Creditor Advisory Services

We provide dedicated support to lenders, bondholders and other creditors in complex restructuring, bankruptcy or distressed situations - offering a rare integrated financial and operational perspective that enables creditors to evaluate risks and opportunities and develop solutions that maximize recoveries.

Creditor Advisory services to secured and unsecured lenders, bondholders and committees also include:

  • Review of short-term cash receipts and disbursements plans

  • Analysis of cash conservation efforts and procedures

  • Analysis of business plan cash flow risks and opportunities

  • Review of assets for potential enhancements

  • Valuation of collateral packages on a liquidation basis whether on an individual asset or partial going concern basis

  • Assisting in negotiations of amendment and forbearance agreements

  • Review and assessment of restructuring alternatives

  • Performance monitoring following business plan implementation

Please contact Mike Morosky at or (614) 221-1643 if you would like to learn more about our Turnaround Advisory Services.

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