The Unlock: 3rd Annual Banking Insight Report

Dive into our Third Annual 2024 Banking Report, where you’ll learn what commercial lenders are thinking about this year and how the 2024 commercial banking landscape is coming into view.

Episode 3: ESOPs as a Retention Strategy​

Episode 3: ESOPs as a Retention Strategy Paul Grove (00:00): Our assets are our people and our people have legs, they can move to other employers very easily, other competitors.

Episode 1: ESOP 101 With Ted Lape​

Episode 1: ESOP 101 With Ted Lape Host (00:01): From Lazear Capital, this is the ESOP Insider. In this four-part podcast, we will take you through all you need to

The Unlock: Banking on a Good Partner

Prioritizing a bank with a strong reputation in your local or regional business community, or relying on recommendations of other trusted advisors like your attorney, CPA, or wealth manager can

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