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Corporate Finance Services

Our Corporate Finance Group provides financial advisory services to middle market businesses, working closely with you to devise the appropriate capital structure to support your ownership requirements and growth strategies.

By having experienced professionals devoted to the financing needs of middle market businesses, we are able to offer you access to the premier institutional debt and equity sources. The Funding Services Group maintains relationships with private equity firms, venture capital firms, factors, banks, leveraged buyout funds, mezzanine lenders and finance companies. We structure and negotiate the terms of the financing, addressing inter-creditor issues, coordinating investor/lender due diligence and working with all parties toward a successful closing. Our experience and knowledge of the capital markets provides you the opportunity to obtain financings where you may have been turned down in the past.

Types of Financing

Capital for Businesses

Companies primarily need money to grow, finance a transaction or because they are experiencing cash flow issues. We labor to understand your situation and your goals and then we craft a solution that helps you meet those goals.


Growth Capital

Even if a company is profitable, growth often takes more money than the company can generate. Accounts Receivable and inventory growth, buying equipment, and hiring more people all require capital. However, each of these needs may require different types of capital.


We specialize in working closely with you to quantify the need and access the right capital. Senior Debt (Bank Debt) is the least expensive money but often requires a quicker amortization and therefore higher payments. Subordinated Debt (Mezzanine) is more expensive but requires interest only payments. Equity is the most complex and expensive capital but requires no current payments.  

There are also alternative forms of capital. Sale/Leasebacks are a way to generate capital from existing assets whether they are real estate or equipment. Unitranche lenders provide a combination of senior/subordinated/equity capital. Hedge funds have money to invest.


We formulate a plan with you that takes into consideration the best sources of capital to meet your needs and the best capital providers to work with.   


Management Buyouts/Recapitalization

As a Business owner, you have a large percentage of your net worth locked in the company. We help you access liquidity and diversify your risk.  


However, there are many considerations beyond how to access cash from the business. Key management’s role in the transaction, how they will be incentivized, and whether they will have ownership and/or liability are all important factors. The long term viability of the company, the tax consequences of a transaction and which type of capital to access are also just a few of the many considerations that need to be addressed.  


As owners of several businesses ourselves, we understand these issues at a deeper level and are happy to share the many lessons we have learned while working with you to provide a solution that addresses all of your needs.


Distress Capital

Companies often experience cash flow issues because they have experienced a decline in business or one-time events have affected them. We have extensive experience working with clients in those situations.


We consult closely with the company to understand what caused the cash flow issues and how much capital you need to address them. A large part of the solution may be a new capital provider. There are lenders and finance companies that specialize in providing money to companies with cash flow issues. We have extensive relationships with them that allow you to access capital.


However, sometimes that is only part of the solution. In conjunction with new money, we are uniquely suited to help work out agreements with existing lenders and vendors that are better for everyone than the alternative. Our Partners have extensive backgrounds in turnaround consulting for middle market firms, the legal issues distressed companies face and the tax implications of a plan.


In reaching a solution, we also we also work closely with you to understand whether it will address the longer term issues the company faces.  ​

Please contact Bruce Lazear at or (614) 221-1616 if you would like to learn more about our Turnaround Advisory Services.

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