Becoming an ESOP
was only the first step.

We’re here for every phase and stage of your ESOP.
The Established ESOP was designed to meet you where you are in your ESOP journey.

About The Established ESOP

The Established ESOP content provides valuable insight for current leaders in ESOP companies. These discussions address common questions that arise after closing and navigating ESOP implementation year over year.

Established ESOP Content Hub

Explore content and insight from past Established ESOP events.

Our Established ESOP Panelists

Seasoned industry professionals provide valuable ESOP expertise and insight at each forum event.

Kristy Britsch

Senior Counsel
Levenfeld Pearlstein


VP - ESOP Consulting
Principal Financial Group

John Prodoehl

VP - ESOP Consulting
Principal Financial Group


Ventura Trust

Tim Hillegass

Managing Director
HDH ADvisors

Corley Thomas

Managing Director
HDH ADvisors


Post Closing Advisory

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