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Merchant Banking

We use the same entrepreneurial investment techniques that help our clients succeed to invest our partners' capital.


Don’t think of us as a private equity firm that uses a rigid approach to invest other people’s money. We don’t have committees and pre-established timelines to exit an investment. Instead, think of us as the partner who has the experience that you always wanted on your team. A partner who thinks long term and has committed themselves by investing our own money.


We prefer opportunities where we can invest our intellectual capital as well as our financial capital to create value. We want to understand the downside, but we invest as optimists and look for the path leading to the upside.


We believe that everyone must have an alignment of interests. This ensures that we function as a team. Winning or losing is something that everyone should experience together.


We are entrepreneurial and are willing to invest in almost any situation ranging from turnarounds to thriving company management buyouts. Because of our size and location, we focus on middle market companies located in the Midwest. We are industry agnostic and have invested in a variety of companies and situations.


Current Holdings

Wholesale: Colorbok, LLC

Technology: Beamalloy Technologies, LLC


Past Holdings

Publishing: Gooseberry Patch, LLC

Contracting: Atlas Industrial Holdings, Inc.

Professional Services: SEA, LLC and Fairfield Engineering Corp.

Distribution: Optical Distribution Corp. and Dismas Distribution Services

Please contact Bruce Lazear at or (614) 221-1616 if you would like to learn more about Merchant Banking.

Let's Connect.

Contact us directly at 614-221-1616 to begin making your business succession plans come true. 

401 North Front Street | Suite 250
Columbus, Oh  43215

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