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Merger & Acquisition Advisory Services

When you are considering a business sale or acquisition, you require sophisticated expertise from business leaders that have done this before. At Lazear Capital, we provide a range of financial advisory services to clients involved in mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, debt and equity transactions and other complex situations.

With extensive knowledge of the financial marketplace and a deep understanding of operations from our experience as an owner of other enterprises, we offer independent advice and a holistic approach designed to maximize value.

We represent both buyers and sellers in M&A transactions, primarily involving middle market companies. Providing a one-stop solution, our services include, valuation, financial and tax structuring, negotiation, participation in documentation, and, ultimately, execution.  Having a thorough understanding of the broad market complexities, financing options, financial and tax structures and subtle nuances that can make or break a deal, we guide clients through the process from conception to closing. 

Management Buyouts

We have significant experience in assisting operating managers acquire companies from their present owners. Managers often lack the necessary capital and/or experience in a transactional environment to acquire the company from the selling shareholders. We provide the expertise and experience to enable a successful management buyout. And our merchant bank team possesses the equity required to permit the acquisition to occur.

Sell Side Engagements

Lazear Capital’s overriding goal is to maximize wealth creation for the benefit of our clients, many of whom lack significant M&A experience. Since most business owners spend their adult years building one company, it’s imperative that when they decide to transition ownership that they surround themselves with deeply experienced financial advisors capable of maximizing their value upon sale.

We spend time with our clients to understand their personal and business goals. The attainment of these goals becomes the driving force behind every sell-side engagement on which we embark. Every entrepreneur starts their business with a sense of purpose and a goal. Our only goal is to deliver on the promise of what they have spent most of their adult lives creating. We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their economic goals and everything we do is directed towards that objective.

Having led hundreds of M&A transactions, we are experts in the various means by which our clients may obtain liquidity, including the sales to strategic and financial buyers, a leveraged recapitalization or a sale to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. However, we are truly agnostic as to which of these means the client should select. Our client’s goals determine which of these options is best to realize their objectives.

No matter the means by which we assist our clients with ownership transition, we always make the “Argument for Value”, which means that we position the client’s business in the light that will create the most economic value. Our depth of experience in tax structuring M&A transactions is a key element of our ability to maximize our clients’ after tax proceeds, which ultimately is the most important outcome.

We run tightly structured sales processes that cause potential buyers to compete. Their competition breeds higher prices and also optimizes the other business and legal terms.

If you are considering a sale or other ownership transition, allow us the opportunity to review your situation and provide thoughts on how to maximize value, all at no cost should you decide not to retain our services. Please contact Bruce Lazear at or (614) 221-1616 if you would like to learn more about our Merger and Acquisition Advisory Services.

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