Susan Walton Managing DirectorExpertise:
Commercial Banking, Corporate Finance

BA, International Business Management and Spanish, Marietta College

Susan Walton is a Managing Director at Lazear Capital where she puts pen to paper in order to help clients achieve their goals. Whether analyzing and communicating the arguments for value in a sale, securing long-term financing, or handling a combination of both, Susan works closely with clients throughout each stage of a transaction to ensure that that the client’s objectives are being prioritized by all parties.

During her 15-year career in commercial banking, at both Bank of America and National City Bank, Susan made a point of learning everything she could about every deal and company that passed by her desk. From catfish farming to global retail, from the small commercial market to the large corporate market, from sole proprietorships to global public companies, Susan has structured and underwritten solutions for an extensive variety of businesses and borrowing purposes.

Susan grew up in Columbus, Ohio and earned her BA in International Business Management and Spanish from Marietta College. She and her husband live in Clintonville with their three young children, who have augmented her formal education with additional “on-the-job training” in negotiation skills, juggling competing priorities and the secrets to effective delegation.

If you had to pick three words that best represent Lazear’s culture, what would they be, and why?  

Collaborative – Sharing ideas and best practices just comes naturally to our team.  Sure, it feels good to achieve a goal as an individual, but it also feels good to know that our individual experiences can create a better outcome for the team as a whole when we collaborate and support each other.

Inquisitive – We’re just naturally curious people, which leads to new ideas and new opportunities that sometimes make all the difference in helping our clients reach their goals.

Energetic – We enjoy the work that we do, the relationships we build, and the rewarding nature of helping others achieve their lifelong goals, all of which make for an energetic and enthusiastic culture.

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