Lazear Capital Forms Litigation Solutions Group

Lazear Capital Partners is pleased to announce that Sherri Lazear, a former partner at BakerHostetler, with more than 30 years of experience in commercial, bankruptcy, construction and real estate litigation, has joined our team. Sherri will be leading our new Litigation Solutions Group.

Our firm has been engaged in formulating transactional solutions to complex litigation since its inception in 1999. Lazear Capital does not provide legal advice. We work closely with your legal team to create and implement business-driven solutions to litigation problems, including obtaining the necessary financing.

We have found that ultimately financial solutions are the key to resolving complex business disputes. We have been engaged in the resolution of shareholder disputes, including deadlocked ownership issues, the contentious buyouts of minority shareholders, and the problems arising from distressed corporate financial situations. With the addition of Sherri Lazear, the Litigation Solutions Group will be adding to our team her deep experience in resolving complex commercial litigation through transactional solutions.

Here are some recent examples of business-driven transactions in which the principals of Lazear Capital have found the parties an exit strategy from protracted litigation:

We conducted an auction process when the partners of a privately held company were at an impasse and could no longer work together. The partners bid against each other and the partner with the highest bid now owns the company and the departing shareholder was bought out in an all cash transaction. Lazear Capital was also instrumental in procuring the financing for the winning bid.

We served as an advisor to a healthcare company that was embroiled in litigation with a minority shareholder. The company was able to resolve the litigation with an infusion of outside capital. The minority partner was bought out of his position and the business is now in an expansion mode.

We have extensive experience advising lenders and distressed companies inside and outside of Bankruptcy Court. Lazear Capital has implemented creative solutions involving auctions of the companies’ assets, Section 363 sales in bankruptcy proceedings, receivership sales in state courts, as well as refinancing transactions.

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