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Your Lazear Capital Team is here to deliver insightful strategies for succession planning, with a focus on Employee Stock Ownership Plans. We pair our creativity with our expertise to execute sophisticated transactions that deliver maximum value. We're proud to partner with you to provide strategic solutions that solve challenges of today and achieve the goals you've set for the future.



The Lazear Capital Partners team were exceptional at understanding our unique business needs and finding a partner to help us execute on our growth prospects. The Lazear Capital team went above and beyond expectation.

They [Lazear Capital] quarterbacked this whole thing. I was busy running my business, so they were careful not to overload me. Instead, they slowly pieced it out so I could absorb it as we went along.

Lazear Capital really helped us understand the power of the ESOP and what it would do for our employees. They ensured we received a full, fair value with the best bank financing available.

They exceeded our expectations.



Our team holds a diverse range of senior-level expertise including attorneys, CPAs, tax structuring experts, CFAs, ABVs, commercial bankers, MBAs, Healthcare Consultants and CEOs who have over 400 years of combined experience.

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